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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Marathons 3 and 4

Raccoon Mountain

I love this race! Its fun, laid way back, and, has great aid stations. Since I was running the full and not the half, I really took my time on the first go around. I love how personalized this race is, as well. I found my sign this year.  I sent David back for it, since I found it at the half way point.  This years course deviated a bit, confusing a lot of runners. I got turned around my self, but only lost about 5 minutes.  Someone was blasting up on the mountain that weekend.  Oh well, kept things interesting.  I knew at the half way point I was going to run about a 7 hour time.  I was/am completely okay with this!  Around mile 21, I looked up coming off trail, and SPLAT! Fell, twisted my ankle...ugh! I was coming off trail, so road for a few miles.  My ankle really hurt, walked a bit, tried running, was going to be slow, but not terrible.  Back on the trail for a couple miles was really painful. At mile 23ish, I made the right turn, to go up "the last darn hill".  Another runner insisted I was going the wrong way, she had called the director to ask directions.  So I turned around and ran with them until we got to a place we had just been.  Decided up that hill was probably the right direction after all.  We probably were supposed to get back on the trail at that last aid station, but my ankle would have protested. Up the hill, across the water, down the other side, and FINISHED!  Took 7:15:30, but hey, I sprained my ankle, and got turned around. It's all good!  I truly love the personalized hand made medals!

Andrew Jackson

Another new race and town for me.  The day started cold, yay....but, quickly got really warm....not yay!  This is another 2-looper.  Three in a row, now.  This is a really small race, marathon wise, anyway. Only 54 runners, and one couple stopped at the half way mark.  Jackson, TN is a really cute small-ish town.  We through a college and hospital district, really pretty area.  I met up with the girl who had paced Rocket City in 2017, and helped me to a 32 minute PR.  She was coming off injury as well, so we stayed together from around mile 6.  I had no real time goal. I just wanted to finish without messing up my ankle any further.  This race's aid stations were lacking in my opinion. The people were absolutely fabulous, but no GU, not much fruit.  Pickle juice always a help, but I do get tired of that. All in all, a fun race, because of the people, and especially Dianne.  The medal is cool, what looks like mountains is actually Andrew Jackson's face sideways.

Next up, Flying Pig in Cincinnati.  Have been told this is an amazing race.  I have my GU, just in case. 

Run far, Run free, Run because you can!


Thursday, March 14, 2019

First Two Marathons of 2019

I have made it through the first two of my twelve planned marathons.  First up was "The Mississippi Blues Marathon" in Jackson, Mississippi.  I was concerned about forcasted rain, but was blessed with perfect temperatures and cloudy skies.  Our first impression was the roads, they are really bad! The hubs didn't like driving on them, at all. The expo was small, but found an adorable charm that was a mini of the medal, guitar shaped! Those same friendly peeps engraved medals the next day.  The race itself was fun, lots of bands along the way.  The course wound through a college campus, downtown, some really nice, and quiet, neighborhoods.  There is a really long hill around mile 22-23.  I don't particularly like hills at the end, but it wasn't terribly aggressive, just never-ending.  I stumbled on the horrible roads around mile 6, treating it like a trail race from that point on.  My feet hurt like never before in a race, had new-ish shoes. They had plenty of miles on them, but they are definitely not for me.  Lesson learned, back to my Asics!  I enjoyed this marathon, but probably won't do it again, or maybe in my trail shoes.

Second on my list was "The Mercedes Benz Marathon" in Birmingham, Alabama. Running another marathon just two weeks after the first was a bit concerning.  Was not sure how I was going to do, this one has a 6-hour cutoff, as opposed to "Blues" 7-hour.  I needed to stay in front of the balloon ladies.  Mercedes is a loop race, two for the full marathoners.  Thought the elevation gain was the problem in MS, so inquired about hills before hand.  First 5-6 miles of loop are where the hills are. None were game changing, and wasn't worried when I started my second loop.  Both half and full distances start at the same time, so course seemed crowded for first 13.  So much room as the half marathoners broke off to finish.  I was never alone, which was nice.  Talked with a guy named Scott for a bit near the industrial part of course.  His family even met him out there, really nice!  Best part of day? The pancakes and bacon around mile 17. Oh MY! I also got my beer at mile 25ish. I will absolutely do this one again!  I managed to PR for my marathon distance!

Number three was supposed to be "Snickers Marathon" in Albany, GA.  Felt really good going into race week. My last two runs were horrible, and a new class I took kicked my butt, however, I knew I could do this.  Woke up morning of race with a bout of stomach flu. Nope, could not even look at food, much less GU. Very disappointed, we drove home before the start. I slept in the camper all the way home.

So, number three will be "Raccoon Mountain".  I ran this as a full last year with a friend, her first. I also have run it as a half, which was my intent for this year. A nice slow relaxing, forest-bathing, trail/road race. Well, now it will be nice, relaxing, forest-bathing, full marathon. I should, barring unforeseen problems, beat my 8 hour time from last year.  But, if not, they do give a prize for last place.  Win-Win

See you on the other side!

Run Far, Run Often, Run Happy


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Happy New Year!

Finally back to running, although it is slow and not nearly long enough.  23 days until my first marathon of 2019.  I plan to run it slow and easy.  There is a 7 hour time limit, and I plan to use most of it.  I have been a 5:30-45 marathoner. The plan is to ease back in, as much as you can ease over 26.2 miles.  My shin is in good shape, achy after runs, but no sharp pains.  The physical therapists are encouraging.  I haven't tried my aqua-jogger yet. The holidays didn't leave much time for such things. 

So here's the current working plan.  Run 1:1 intervals for 2 miles each day, until Saturday. This Saturday will be a 6.2 mile run, 3 mile recovery run on Sunday.  Then next week, if I am pain free, increase to 1:30 :1 intervals for 3 miles daily, resting on Wednesday.  All goes well, 10 miles the following Saturday. Repeat miles with 2:1 intervals.  Still on the fence for a race on the 19th.  The Hound Dog half is that day, LOVE this race! Love Ludavine the half marathoner hound dog who it is named for.  Will run that distance if all is well, so maybe.

Looking forward to some long runs soon!

Run Long...Run Safe....Have Fun


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hello Long Forgotten Blog

Wow! Been almost two years since I last posted. I got past my running breakdown. I am still running, even more than two years ago. Currently, I am resting a tibial stress fracture, so had to miss running the Rocket City Marathon yesterday. I volunteered as course sentry and got to see the winner fly past me twice. He makes running look so effortless!

I have big plans for 2019! Big running plans! Going to attempt to run a marathon a month. I have them all chosen and the first 6 paid for.  It's going to be a great year. Which is awesome since 2018 has sucked! Personally speaking, not the running, well, except for the fracture.

My 2018 running goal race was Dizzy Fifties back in November. A trail 50k. I did run it with the fracture, but because of the softer surface, it didn't bother me. My original goal was 8 hours. With the fracture, I just wanted to finish under the 9 hour time limit. Finished with 10 minutes to spare! Goal achieved! I rested a week, then ran 10 miles at home, on the roads. Pain returned, Dr threatened to put me in boot. I have resisted the temptation to run, been a good girl, resting my tired shin.  Physical therapy starts next week. And, I think I shall try deep water running to keep up my aerobic stamina.

Big plans, big goals, high expectations for 2019!  Looking forward to sharing my journey with anyone out there listening.

Much Love and even More Miles,

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Running took over my life, looking for balance

I questioned for a long time if I was an actual runner.  Newsflash, if you run, you ARE a runner.  I began this journey almost 4 years ago. I started 5k training with a friend.  Went pretty well, so kept running 5k races around town.  Almost a year later, we ran our first 10k, the Cotton Row in Huntsville, AL.  Because this race attracts runners from everywhere, there is a cash prize, I felt like a real runner afterwards.  The next year I added a few half marathons and insanely signed up for the Rocket City Marathon, also in Huntsville.  This past year I ran A LOT, two marathons, and my first 50k.  I was obsessed.  Everything I did revolved around running.  My house fell apart, I stopped cooking dinners, vacations revolved around runs...it was insane!

When I ran the 50k, on New Year's Eve, no less, somewhere in the middle I decided to take 2 full weeks off from running.  I had a half marathon scheduled for January 21.  Thought, eh, it's just a half, no big deal.  Apparently, my sanity was left somewhere on the 50k course....  Fortunately, severe weather postponed the race until February.  However, that meant a 5k, 10k, and half on 3 consecutive Saturdays.  My

*mile 11 at the Grand Teton Half*

glutes and hamstrings still hated me.  No amount of yoga, foam rolling, or stretching was making them happy, 3 very painful races.

This week I have a complete breakdown, of sorts, for me anyway.  I decided to give it all up, gain lots of weight, spend all my time on the couch, eat whatever I craved.  This was my perception of "everyone" else.  So I began my mornings with donuts and fried pies, coffee, soda.  Then by 11am yesterday, I was sick. Icky, yucky sick.  Plan going well, right?!?!  I didn't wear my fitbit yesterday either, oh the freedom I felt!  I sat down at work! A true rarity.  I work in daycare, with 2 year olds, I rarely sit.  I just needed a break!


I began training hard last June.  All summer long, in heat, humidity, sweat, and bugs.  I never lost focus and made it to marathon #1 painfree!  7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, TN. Was amazing, had a great race, took 31 minutes off my previous marathon time.  Then, well, something happened.  Was it the track speed work, which I had not done to this point?  Did I not give myself a proper recovery time, both physical and mental?  Whatever it was, I began marathon #2 eight weeks later in pain and not happy.  Granted it was really cold, but that should have helped.  I gained back 15 minutes of time, but still came in before the cutoff time. Three weeks later, yep, just 3 weeks later, I ran the 50k.  I was nervous, but excited.  I taped my hip, IT band, and calf, and wore a icy/hot patch on my back.  7 hours and 50 minutes later, I was an ultra marathoner.

Now What?!?!

I am not running at the moment.  Not wearing anything related to running.  I did wear my fitbit today.  But I have no idea how many steps I have taken, and I do not care.  I did go in and adjust my step goal, to something reasonable and achievable.  I have a race in 10 days.  But, I am going to have fun, and not stress about times, steps, or anything, just enjoy the beautiful course.  Went back to drinking water today, feels better than soda.  I am a runner, yes, but I am also a wife, mom, gaga, friend and woman.  I enjoy other things besides running, so I think I shall partake in some of them for a bit.

Until later,
Be still (haha) and know that I am God

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I realize it's the 13th of January.  Nearly half the month gone.  One of my trees is still up, we had 5.  I am just not moving real fast....maybe that's a good thing?  I looked over last year's resolutions, not all were accomplished....did not even touch my piano. The "resolutions" seem so silly now, maybe that's the point?  This year I just want to stay in God's will, worship Him more openly and freely, spend time with family, and teach my babies at daycare the love of Jesus.  All this will take time, slow, purposeful time.  "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10  I thought this was a verse God wanted me to learn for a time, now I am believing this is my lifetime verse.

I love to reuse things in my class.  I have been collecting the lids from laundry detergent for awhile now.  Uses I have come up with:

1.  Matching/sorting colors
2.  Matching/sorting sizes
3.  Scoops
4.  Stacking
5.  Playdough cutters/imprinters

Have any ideas to add?

Have a wonderful winter's day!
Be still and know that I am God.  Ps. 46:10

Monday, November 25, 2013

I Ran!....AND I loved it!

I trained, sweated, worried, doubted.....I FINISHED!

Out of 6500 runners, that was a bit overwhelming, I finished as the 774th woman.  It was really fun!  Have already run a second, thankfully much smaller, race.  My friend and I finished 49th and 50th.  Going to run early on Thanksgiving Day and a couple of days later at night through our lit up botanical gardens.  Trying to get the hubs to run with me....that may take some convincing and maybe a bribe or two.

My advice.....lace up those shoes and GET MOVING!