Walk with Him Wednesdays

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It has been crazy around here.  My oldest child was hired on at the hospital in town.  Third shift, so I watch babies all night and then all the next day.  Whew!  I was so much better at this when I was younger!  I have managed to get a bit of sewing done, just a bit.  Have made my favorite cookies, Thumbprint and Sunny Cocoa Drop, but the Christmas Spirit eludes me.  Ah, well, maybe I am just trying too hard...I did finish the girls Christmas quilts, my first, second, and third.  Quilt purists may point out all my mistakes, and there are many.  They needn't, I see each and every one.  But while we perfectionists mull over mistakes, three girls are snuggly warm!  And that's all that really matters anyway.