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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Running took over my life, looking for balance

I questioned for a long time if I was an actual runner.  Newsflash, if you run, you ARE a runner.  I began this journey almost 4 years ago. I started 5k training with a friend.  Went pretty well, so kept running 5k races around town.  Almost a year later, we ran our first 10k, the Cotton Row in Huntsville, AL.  Because this race attracts runners from everywhere, there is a cash prize, I felt like a real runner afterwards.  The next year I added a few half marathons and insanely signed up for the Rocket City Marathon, also in Huntsville.  This past year I ran A LOT, two marathons, and my first 50k.  I was obsessed.  Everything I did revolved around running.  My house fell apart, I stopped cooking dinners, vacations revolved around runs...it was insane!

When I ran the 50k, on New Year's Eve, no less, somewhere in the middle I decided to take 2 full weeks off from running.  I had a half marathon scheduled for January 21.  Thought, eh, it's just a half, no big deal.  Apparently, my sanity was left somewhere on the 50k course....  Fortunately, severe weather postponed the race until February.  However, that meant a 5k, 10k, and half on 3 consecutive Saturdays.  My

*mile 11 at the Grand Teton Half*

glutes and hamstrings still hated me.  No amount of yoga, foam rolling, or stretching was making them happy, 3 very painful races.

This week I have a complete breakdown, of sorts, for me anyway.  I decided to give it all up, gain lots of weight, spend all my time on the couch, eat whatever I craved.  This was my perception of "everyone" else.  So I began my mornings with donuts and fried pies, coffee, soda.  Then by 11am yesterday, I was sick. Icky, yucky sick.  Plan going well, right?!?!  I didn't wear my fitbit yesterday either, oh the freedom I felt!  I sat down at work! A true rarity.  I work in daycare, with 2 year olds, I rarely sit.  I just needed a break!


I began training hard last June.  All summer long, in heat, humidity, sweat, and bugs.  I never lost focus and made it to marathon #1 painfree!  7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, TN. Was amazing, had a great race, took 31 minutes off my previous marathon time.  Then, well, something happened.  Was it the track speed work, which I had not done to this point?  Did I not give myself a proper recovery time, both physical and mental?  Whatever it was, I began marathon #2 eight weeks later in pain and not happy.  Granted it was really cold, but that should have helped.  I gained back 15 minutes of time, but still came in before the cutoff time. Three weeks later, yep, just 3 weeks later, I ran the 50k.  I was nervous, but excited.  I taped my hip, IT band, and calf, and wore a icy/hot patch on my back.  7 hours and 50 minutes later, I was an ultra marathoner.

Now What?!?!

I am not running at the moment.  Not wearing anything related to running.  I did wear my fitbit today.  But I have no idea how many steps I have taken, and I do not care.  I did go in and adjust my step goal, to something reasonable and achievable.  I have a race in 10 days.  But, I am going to have fun, and not stress about times, steps, or anything, just enjoy the beautiful course.  Went back to drinking water today, feels better than soda.  I am a runner, yes, but I am also a wife, mom, gaga, friend and woman.  I enjoy other things besides running, so I think I shall partake in some of them for a bit.

Until later,
Be still (haha) and know that I am God