Walk with Him Wednesdays

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I am back to one job....what was I thinking?  Playing with two year-olds is both amazingly fun, and exhausting!  Working at the fabric store wasn't much fun anymore.  Part of the reason was I didn't have time to sew anything....and I really enjoy sewing.  So, one full time job it is.

My husband and I did make a rare summer trip to Merciers.  I saw a post on Pinterest for a blueberry cheesecake.  So off we went to their u-pick blueberry morning.  It was HOT! But we got two baskets of really sweet blueberries.  The "bushes" we taller than the hubs!  The cheese cake was amazing!  Recipe here  I could not find my springform pan, so I made mine in an 11x7 dish.

Today I am sewing, but in spurts.  I am working on a napmat for granddaughter #3.  She's a cutie!  Will get pictures up soon...maybe...LOL  Going to try to work on my blog a bit better than I have been.
Grandbaby #3 with her mom at her big sister's baptism.

Have a wonderful weekend,