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Friday, July 29, 2011


"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

My favorite verse.  A lesson I still struggle with.  Be still.  How?  I bought those sketchers a couple of years ago, you know the ones that promise a flat tummy without stepping into a gym.  HA!  I had to learn to stand still in those shoes, they are curved on the bottom.  I still struggle with standing still in them.  Be still.  How?  I have so much to do, only 24 hours to do it.  Run from room to room, forget why I entered the room in the first place.  Cross off chores from my list.  Be still.  When?  Even in my sleep I turn, wake, adjust.  Be still.  The verse is still in the Bible, still speaking to me.  I am still learning how to be still.

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  1. Ha, I wondered about those shoes! We sound like we live similar lives with our "to-do lists". It is very hard to be still and honestly when do we? I've actually added it to my list of things to do...daily...haha!

    I recently thought of the scenario when flying and in the event the oxygen mask is needed to first take care of yourself and then help another if needed. Well I find that true in every day life. If I don't stop to breath and take care of me I'll never be able to take care of those around me that I love so dearly.