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Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Friday at home

It's Friday I have learned alot in the last two weeks. One, I love my husband and am extremely glad I married him! Every husband should be like him! Two, I do NOT like working more than 20 hours outside the house...housework does not get done...imagine that. Three, I am not a fan of summers in the south...okay this one isn't a new lesson learned, just worth repeating. It's hot, and steamy here in Alabama! Not a good thing...looking forward to major thunderstorms bringing the cold Canadian winds of fall and winter. Lastly, humanity isn't really interested in maturity, selfless-ness, or common kindness. I know I am cynical, just saying. I do have hope though. I am trying to teach by example, my kids for the most part are learning. There are those who are trying to do good, I do see them.

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