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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Done feels good!

Like most people who sew, I have many started and yet to finish project lying around.  This week I have finished 2!  I finished a "should've been for Christmas" fleece robe for Bug.  I couldn't remember how I hemmed the one I made for Bunny, so it's a bit long.  Bunny had been the one to ask for a robe, but when you make for one, you must make for the other.  I also finished an apron for my niece.  My brothers are alot younger and waited alot longer to have kids than I did, so my niece and nephews are the same age as my grandchildren.  My mother's youngest grandchild is two days older than her youngest great-grandchild..haha.  The trick now is to get the apron in the mail.  It will be added to a box I have been meaning to send for a couple of years...oh well.  But I am DONE with two projects in one week!  WOOT!

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