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Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting up and out!

After spending 8 LONG and boring weeks on the couch, I am moving again.  I went from being off from one part time job in a fabric store, to having a full time job in a daycare, and still working a few nights a week at the fabric store.  From nothing to chaotic in 6 seconds flat! (happy chaos!)  I spent my time in physical therapy, still doing the excercises.  Had a boot, thank God it's gone!, have a brace for a while...better, but will be glad when it is gone as well.  Trying really hard to walk normally again, the limp becomes majorly evident when I am tired, or trying to move to fast.  (ever chase a bunch of 18mo -2yr olds?!?!) 

Last weekend my wonderful hubby took us along the Ocoee River (above) to Mercier's in Blue Ridge, GA.  I love this place!  The apple and peach trees were in full bloom, but the drive was so beautiful along the Ocoee River that we dawdled long enough to miss the last tour into the orchard.  No worries!  Found a cute Christmas or maybe birthday present for one of my children, bought lots of fried pies to share with the kids, then went on into the small town of Blue Ridge, the part that kind of reminds me of Gatlinburg, in miniature.  The restaurants smelled amazing!  The shops were adorable and amazing!  And then there was the woman yelling at the escaped rooster to get back across the road...tooo funny!  Will post that pic if I figure out my new phone...LOL

There were several rafters and kayakers on the river, going to be me one day...SOON!  I promise myself a kayak now that I am working full time. One promise I will definately keep!

Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10

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